The Metahive Project(MP) will be a partnership with people and organizations whose common wish is to build an Intentional Community,“Kins Domain”/ecovillage/holistic Healing centre, and alternative living space in harmony with each other and nature.

Our wish to be located in the Okanagan region in BC, Canada. We wish to find any area of land suitable and good people to help make the project a reality.

If you have land or know someone who is wishing to donate a few acres or would like to be a part of the project or can help in anyway please email me.

Through our FaceBook page we wish to nurture an online community and create connectivity to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and wisdom with all those who share our common, goals, values and beliefs.

In our world there is an awakening to a new paradigm shift that we need to work with understanding, love, and harmony & with one another to solve all our challenges.

There is a shift in conciseness happening all over the world and People are awakening to realize that old “society” and ideals of “Fear and Consumption” have to change now. Please come be a part of the Metahive Project. You can find out more @ our page on IC.ORG

Please donate help as many others have by clicking on the Donate button below, because change in the world begins with YOU !!! Yes YOU, you are wonderful and more powerful then you can imagine !!!!

Thanks in Advance

We are grateful for all you do because all of it counts !! Our goal this year is to raise $500,000.

If just 200,000 people donate $5 we could co-create Metahive projects all over the world !!!