The First Step…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
-Tao Te Ching, 64

I’m grateful you took The First Step…

My name is Michael

I’m very happy to have the opportunity to share these thoughts about Awareness and the impersonal self, Tao, Truth, The nature of our sub conscious and what ever label you wish to give it.

When I started this Amazing Adventure…
I had two questions questions on my mind.
First was… What is Awareness,
The Second was… Why was it so hard for me to grasp.

I’m on the Journey of discovery and wish for all of you to join me. I’m open to your thoughts and I will share mine. I ask that you question everything you read here and research anything you don’t have an understanding of. I will do the same.

I ask you respect me and other posters in this site and blog. Good, I don’t mind challenges to any ideas I share on here but have compassion for each other and I know we all one love.

The first what is awareness? My experiences and life taught me I had been in a deep sleep about who I was. When I started to read about the Tao, philosophy, meditation and many different authors on the nature of our reality. I began to see how I was asleep.

How I had only 15% conscious awareness and 85% of my mind was subconscious. That 15% was at best only could see me as the role I played and job I did as my identity.  Like 90% of people I was completely asleep and programmed by our culture and society to think this way.

After “opening my eye” to begin “waking up” and by that I’m not talking about to the reality of the corporate Oligarchy that now runs the majority of Wester Governments. It was quite a shock to me and I discovered something very alarming about my self.

The reason personal reality awareness is so hard to grasp is because I didn’t want to admit to myself that I didn’t want to wake up! I discovered that my body and mind were very much against being aware and waking up to my true personal reality. Awareness and waking up were very painful and quite disturbing to my ego which was have an anxiety attack at just the idea that there maybe something outside of what was it.

I had to break the habits and let go of the old personality to allow new brain to develop new neural pathways and break my old “self” habits. As I began on my path, taking my first steps to Awareness I didn’t really notice or see any changes. As my brain changed it’s thinking and awareness over took me I was saying why am I doing this because it scared the hell out of me. My foundations were shaken and what was me was gone. I was not me any more and I was feeling fear because I was now in new personal reality and it was very very frightening !!!

I was able to continue on in spite of my ego’s anxiety and fear and even feeling this I continued to take Step after Step. As time went on I found amazing and powerful being inside me, a silent observer, but also a friend and co-creator of my personal reality.

Each Step on my path revealed new and amazing insights into my life, and the nature of reality itself that blew my mind and soul on more then one level. I was amazed at the universe’s amazing grace and could see how it worked for me even when I wasn’t aware or though it wasn’t doing anything or I imagined and thought it was out to get me 😀

Congratulations, you are amazing, most people will not read past the first few paragraphs!! You’re wonderful. I so glad you took the time to come and allow me to share my story with you.

Please share and opt-in and sign up for my free “Daily Steps” email to help you keep taking steps on your path and stay tuned to my blog as I will be doing video’s and in the near future and soon offering workshops.

Thanks again, I wish you Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance Always



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  1. That’s great. Since about 08, when I met Michael , he has been sharing his beautiful understanding and his journey of awareness with people who have or who have not taken that first step. Michael, as I see him, is always grateful. Michael keeps his spirit and stays strong to the path that he is cutting out for himself and for others. He remains positive and loving even towards adversity. Something needs to be said about Michael’s consistency. I’ve learned that I can count on Michael to stimulate my spirit. I’m blessed to have Michael in my life as an example of strength. I have been helped by the vibration of Michael and I have seen it help others. I have watched people come together around it. (Wether they or I knew what was happening at the time or not.) Bless you Michael. Thank you for what you do to keep the lines open.

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