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Hi, I’m grateful you are here, the 8th Step could be called “showing up”. It is simple but many fail to do it.  and on that note.

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Daily Steps

Often in my life I have many things I desire to do but often don’t show up to do them. What ever the reason it matters not. I do show up for the important things in life, family, work, friends, etc…

I discovered for myself that I need to also show up for myself. To build that awarenesses that I need to take care of me first, and then I better able to take care of those I love better.

Yes, we all need to do the things we need to do, but I had to question what those things “I needed to do” where really things I needed to do. Was it just peer pressure, parents, friends, siblings, dogmatic social ideas, programming from school/work/government, Multi Media, Social Media, Advertisement, Entertainment and Church? Yes, a lot of it was, and I began to look inward to put my light of awareness on it.

In order to undo the programming (brain washing) I had, I had to first has to be aware of it, understand it, because I can’t suppress it, I can only accept it and then create my own programming. Which eventually had switched out the old programming with my programming.

I wish you to take a few minutes and look into yourself, see who is in here, what they are thinking and what scripts you been playing over and over again. Want change in your life? It starts with your awareness of who’s been aloud to influence your subconscious mind.

Like I have said before, not easy to look at, can be painful, and cognitive dissonance may prevent you from acknowledging it or even if you see it, doing something about it. The road to brain washing is paved with apathy!

Please let me know if you found anything in the comments below.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,  and can’t wait to hear your comments.

In Gratitude, I wish you awareness of Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance there in you, Always,

In Lak ‘esh,


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