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Daily Steps

Most people I know who are on the path to awareness have been jolted by life in one way or another that it made them come aware. Now if you haven’t been shocked or jolted in to awareness, and life is ok for you there is another way or path.


But not just blindly listening, but as Buddha said to challenge what you are hearing but with an open mind and even if you don’t agree with me the truth can still be sighted. Truth can not be found in words, theories, ideas, or concepts.

Truth is brought to your awareness through a open mindset or attitude to discover something new, and you could be questioning ever thing I’m saying and still see the truth.

I could never really tell you what the “Truth” is, no one can and any one who says they can is lying to you. I can though show you the obstacles to the truth. That I can describe to you. All I can do is describe you cognitive errors, your fallacies that have blinded you to sight the truth.  Once you drop them you will have a better chance at seeing Truth.

I can challenge your beliefs and belief systems, point out your errors, and help you unlearn. True learning is through removing the falsehoods, and seeing with your own mind and heart.

You must have the willingness to unlearn almost all you been taught. And then you can really listen, but most people are listening confirm what you already think? A confirmation bias which might just be some previous programming in your subconscious? I ask myself on a daily basis, am I listing to confirm what I believe, or to discover something new?

This is critical as you may miss what is right there. And also I have to watch for cognitive dissonance from causing me to ignore the truths as well. That is important if you wish to have real awareness as I have described it.

As you read or Listen to me as I tell my story observe your reactions, you may feel shock, anger, sadness, startled, irritated, annoyed, or frustrated. Try and see what is triggering these reactions.  We don’t want to hear new things. If it involves change, or you have to admit you were wrong. That your “guru” you followed was not right or lied to you.

When your ready to listen, ready to follow, you admit you don’t know, and your wide open with questions, and insight. Then testing, cutting, poking, prodding, challenging with an open mind, then you listening, then are ready. Then you can take another major step your path to awaking.

The first step I said in my previous blogs, was to admit to yourself that you don’t want to wake up, you don’t want to be happy, and you have all kind of resistances with you that are both conscious and subconscious.

The second step it to have a readiness challenge all your beliefs, but to also have a wide open mind as I have defined it.  To evaluate them all and put them under the hash light of awareness. This most people won’t do or don’t know how to do. It is too painful and requires real work to do so. It can be fun and you might learn to laugh at yourself in the process as we continue on our journey on the path to awareness…

Please share any insights and your thoughts in the comments below.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, and can’t wait to hear your comments.

In Gratitude, I wish you awareness of Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance there in you, Always,

In Lak ‘esh,


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