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Daily Steps

(for Owen)

After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. – Italian Proverb

I play chess when I can. I’m not a pro at it, I just love the challenge of the game and fun. As you may or may not know the meaning of the quote? It’s just the fact when we croak that all our money, all our possessions, position, pomp, and all our achievements are gone. If your the riches man in the grave yard does it matter once you croak.

I think there is more to this quote, when we look a little deeper. In our knowing we don’t die, we move on from our physical body to a new adventure. Where, what, how, and why I’ll let you imagine it for yourself…

Will we take our memories with us? Will we have feelings or our individuality? All good questions. If we re-incarnated back into this universe do we choose to? If we do, do we then choose the role we play. I don’t know, and won’t attempt to say I do. I can only describe it as what it is not.

It is not an end, nor a beginning. It is not a departure nor a  destination. Simply, I call it a never ending journey. While we are here playing the “game” do we see ourselves as the pawn, or the king, or the player?

Then we come to another prospective, of choosing who or what role we wish to play. Do we see ourselves in our lives as the pawns or other pieces in this game of existence? I’m sure I’m not the first to look at this and wont be the last but if you see yourself as the player can you then begin to understand who is really in control of the game?

I believe that at some level we chose all the game we are playing, the moves we make and the strategies and tactics we use. We often get so involved in the game we forget that we are the player and not the pieces on the board. When that happens we often blame the other pieces on the board and the position they are in for our problems or our victories.

Awareness that we are the player and not the game or the pieces is good. That the colour your playing nor piece you are playing matters not. Like the quote says “all go back in the box”. Next level is to ask who is observing that there is a player playing a game and who is aware of the observer who is observing the observer who is observing the player playing the game and so on, and so on…

Ok now we get into the loop of the snake eating its own tail to feed itself. I see myself not out of control of my journey, in a pointless or hard world that is difficult. I see myself as the player in this world and can at any time get up and move to another game if or if I don’t like who I’m playing with. Even more so if I want to play backgammon or cards I can change the game at any time. Behold the underlying truth, we are all play the “Game”. And when I say game I don’t mean it like a child’s game, oh no, not at all, although similar it is not child’s game.

Even if we decide we don’t want to play the Game, that is still playing the Game. We are playing the Game of not playing the Game! We some play the game of my game is better they yours, or I can get more people playing my game they yours. Etc… We all play the Game and multitude of variations of it.

Once you see the nature of your own game and have that flood of awareness and say to yourself, aaaahhhhaaaa. The great gestalt joke will make you laugh and laugh and laugh out loud…

This joke is on me 😉

Please share any insights and your thoughts in the comments below.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, and Love to hear your comments.

In Gratitude, I wish you awareness of Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance there in you, Always,

In Lak ‘esh,



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