Steps On The Journey

The phases of the moon are guide stones for the steps on your journey

Remember, you are AWESOME !!! YES YOU READING THIS !!!
Don’t tell yourself any different or for the love of self let anyone else convince you otherwise…
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Happy Winter Solstice !!!

This time is all about End and beginnings of phases of the moon and transitions to new and fascinating events and things in our lives. The solstice offers an opportunity for grounding and anchoring this intentions with the help of Mother Earth and the Universe.

Today I imagine that I am to die…
I take time to be alone and I write down for my self these things…

  • things I loved, tastes, smells, sounds, felt, viewed
  • Emotions I have cherished, experienced and felt
  • Ideas that brought me Liberation
  • Beliefs that I embraced that aloud me to see
  • Convictions I lived and let go
  • Insights I embraced and knew were teachings of the school of life and the Universe I live in.
  • The risks I choose and the dangers I courted
  • the sufferings that gave me wisdom
  • The lessons I learned from my choices in life
  • What they taught me and what I gained
  • the influences that shaped my personality, work, books and events
  • The Teachings and teachers that guided me across the desert of my life
  • The things in my life I wish to change that I felt regret about
  • These things I call my life’s achievements
  • Those persons who are enshrined within my heart
  • Those who I was unable to enshrine in my heart
  • My unfulfilled desires
  • Then I choose a poem or write a poem, picture  or art that relates to this and include it in my Journal or anything I fell is apt to conclude my testament to myself…

I would keep it safe and bring it out every year about this time and read it to myself or my loved ones and share it. I will not make judgment of my life but accept it as it is in the moment as the wonderful and beautiful event with all it’s various hues, colours and sounds, tastes and smells, feelings and emotions, experiences and doings, thing and people I have touched and be grateful for the moment I was gifted, as that is why it is called the present…

Keep on stepping, steppers.
Your path awaits you šŸ™‚
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

In Lak ‘esh,

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