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Remember, you are AWESOME !!! YES YOU READING THIS !!!
Don’t tell yourself any different or for the love of self let anyone else convince you otherwise…
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Welcome back, 🙂 I’m glad you have rejoined me on my journey or have just discovered Steps To Awareness and Please share with a friend or post a link on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook  or other social media site you use.

If you are new please scroll down and read the first blog post if you wish to get caught up with the journey so far.

Due to a family crises I had to take a sabbatical from Steps To Awareness.

During this time I have had new insights and ideas that brought me in new directions and paths opened up that I never thought would happen. In every challenge I faced, in every success I encounter I saw they are each a tread or patch in the tapestry of the journey. How each one fits in and how it was woven.

I also began have awareness of how the Universe has worked through me and many others to bring direction to each of us through many, many ways. Unfortunately, most of us are blind or deaf to this. We live in a bubble or have a veil that we have either created or had programmed into our subconscious that prevents us from seeing this.

Further more, I am just a vessel through which the universe is looking out at itself and what I write here for the most part has been said by many others before me. But how I say it and whom I reach is unique to me. Some call it channelling, some say self help speaker, some say philosopher, and some say lunatic, but what ever label we choose the message is simple.

I want to help you and others to connect to your “inner guru” and free yourself and “sing your song”, finish your bucket list etc… ,because it makes me feel good to know I helped someone start living the life, dream, adventure that they came here to do. Max Plank said “don’t die with your song still in you” share it, be it, sing it….

Keep on stepping, steppers.
Your path awaits you
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

In Lak ‘esh,

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