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It is everyone’s favourite time of year! The end of it !! 🙂

Remember, you are AWESOME !!! YES YOU READING THIS !!!
Tell yourself any way you can and for the love of self listen only to those who say the same to you.

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It is everyone’s favourite time of year! The end of it !! 🙂

It is time for reflection and to prepare for the coming year. I was asked by my close friends what were my lessons for the year from life and what did I actually learn from them. I had such a challenging and Drama filled year that I thought and felt like it was going to be the end of all things…

Ok I’m still here! Wow… What did I learn from all this? Imagine that! Wow…

The 3- F words is what came to my mind.




Faith I found is not in the gaining of something but the letting go of things. Letting go of fear. Hatred. Sadness. Despair. Anger, shame and guilt. Imagine we get on board the train of Faith. We are going it alone and the first part is flat and easy.

Then we notice a challenge the size of a mountain and the tracks go up and up and switch back, but things are going so slow you could get out and run faster then the train.

We on our quest for awareness (I assume you want more of it or you’re curious as you reading a blog about it) and you look around the train and behind the engine is 20 cars of old baggage. All those things we have either emotional attachments to or ego attachments.

Each car with a message in our subconscious that is telling us having faith is not practical and wont work out. We come up with all sorts of past examples of when things didn’t go the way we hoped. How there is no unseen force that is going to make it work out for us. And if we talk to some friends / acquaintances and family they give you all the reasons it is not going to work. And when something doesn’t work out they are right there to remind you they told you so!

The key I found, to faith, is once I have the awareness of the attachments to those baggage cars. I walk up to the engine, reach down and pull out the coupling pin right behind the engine and watch all those old baggage cars, fly screaming down the hill backwards and we head straight up the top and over and we see the beautiful valley below. I will be writing about how un-coupling the baggage is easy in my book coming out in the near future.

Forgiveness, we all want to hear from those who wronged us, to beg us to forgive them. We all want to have some resolution for those wrongs, but forgiveness as you may know is not about them. It is all about us! We need to forgive them for ourselves. Hanging on to anger, regret, revenge or what every feeling it is like holding on to a hot coal, only we are the ones who get burned and more the tighter we hold onto it the more it burns us. Oh my…

We need to first forgive ourselves for any things we did that we feel was not aligned with our path, those we feel wronged us, and no matter how awful and bad we think it is.

As we think of the End of a Calendar year we often think of the past year or years, and or the future year ahead. This time is a good time to forgive others and that is very beneficial to us, and it makes it easier for us to forgive ourselves as well… So give your self a big hug ( I do everyday) and say I forgive YOU (say your name it helps) and really feel it, be there in the moment with it. Be specific what it is you forgive yourself forgive for! Let what every emotions come and go and look at their paths and know that they have past and I remains! Own it!

Now do the same for them! Yes, all those who wronged you, cut you down, triggered pain in you, ridiculed you, hit you, hurt you, stole from you, shamed you, lied about you, betrayed you, and any other thing you can think of. Hard to do at first, easy once you get going…

This does not mean we have to be friends with them and associate with them again. We must take care of ourselves from any further abuse. And we must forgive ourselves of any behaviour we don’t like or we feel was not the best we could of done. We are stuck with our own devils so you might as well give them big warm hug and say you forgive them. You see the devil was you all along 😉 More on that in my book.

Freedom, “just another word for nothing left to loose” -Me & Bobby McGee , is probably one of the greatest lines in a song I’ve heard so far, Because really when we let go of all the attachments we have, and discover the subconscious ones and until bring them into the light of awareness let go of them. (because we can’t let go of what we are unaware of that is which is holding us back. )

It is in that state, when we let go, we finally capture a glimpses of the freedom we all are seeking. The reason we haven’t been able to find it in ourselves or outside of ourselves is because we always had it within us. We don’t have get freedom and in fact we can’t because it is just an idea we created in our minds. When we have true awareness, that the freedom we have been searching for, we already have. We only forgot how to act in that way.

We have been and always been free to think and do what with want with our energy. The problem is we live in fear of the consequences of our actions, thoughts and behaviours, because we’ve “bought in” to what society, friend, family, co-workers, main stream media, books, tell us we can’t act or behave that way or we are called a “Dreamer”, “conspicuous theorist”, Bum, Radical, trouble maker, hippy, or some thing along those lines. That unless you tow the line, keep in line, we will be labelled as “bad” or “defective”.

So we are all free, but we are often living in self made prisons in our mind, in our homes, towns, and cities. We talk about wanting to get out of the city and be free, but never do. We created these guided cages and have put so much attachments on them, and marvel at them and talk about how great we are because we are great! We created our own self made prisons, where we are both the guards and the inmates and both unable to escape because we have no awareness of this.

When we let go of this illusion we created. When we finally have awareness of fullness of it. When we finally let go our attachments to all the comforts and pleasures connect to it. We can then start to see, that like the train with the 20 baggage cars we finally let go… and we have nothing left to loose, we have no attachments left, we gain the awareness that we always had true freedom, we just never exercised fully and that we were the only ones to blame for not experiencing it.

Now, more then ever we need to work to be mindful of living in the moment. Why? Because it is all we really have. The rest is an illusion of our minds. It is good to look to visualize the future we want in the moment. And it is good to look to the past for wisdom and experience. (we only learn from our mistakes) As long as we can bring that into the moment, Because when we master the moment and ourselves with pure and open awareness we see we are the Engineer of our train and we can choose what want to take with us, and where we want to go! Go with a light train and heart!!!

Keep on stepping, steppers.

I will be coming back to this in my up coming book and Webinars.
Your path awaits you
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

In Lak ‘esh,

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