Steps on the Journey

Hello my fellow Steppers <3

I’m so grateful you have dropped in, You have taken a step to get to that place where you can connect to your higher purpose and begin shifting to what can I get, to how may I be of service. Which is why I started Steps to awareness.

Please take another step and sign up for our Daily Steps Email. These are sign post for your journey to help guide you every day. A boat with no star to guide it may take to long to reach it’s destination.

What is the definition, awareness or “waking up” as some people call it, what I see it as is spirituality, not piety, not devotion to some religion, but  as connection and understanding that we are all connected, we are all one and we are all special. Yes, what a paradox, and life is full of them.

The First step in waking up or awareness is admitting to yourself that you don’t want to wake up. As I mentioned before waking up for me was very painful. Now I don’t say that some people would be gifted or able to just one moment flip a switch and suddenly wake up and have that awareness, but this is rare indeed. Also just simply having knowledge is not waking up. In fact those who think they are awake because they have knowledge about how our society works and opinions on what the the truth is maybe even further from true awareness.

Let me give you two challenges we face in waking up and experiencing awareness.  The first is that most people don’t even know they are asleep. I’ll give you an example:

A father knocks on the door of his son’s room and enters to find him still sleeping. Angry the father says: “WAKE UP! Get out of bed you have to get to Hockey Practice, ice time is at 6am.”

His son in whiny voice says: ” I don’t want to get up Papa, I don’t want to go to Hockey Practice”

“Why not” says his father.

The son says, “First, it is so dull, the kids all tease me, and third I hate Hockey Practice”

So his father says “I’m going to give you three reasons why you must go to Practice, First, because it is your duty.

Second, because they are counting on you

Third, because you are the COACH !!!!”

Your to big to stay asleep stop playing like a child.

Now tune in tomorrow and I will explain why awareness and waking up is so painful…

In Gratitude, I wish you Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance Always,



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