Steps on the Journey

Hello fellow Steppers <3

I happy you have returned, You are absolutely wonderful and amazing, Yes YOU, 85%  of our society will not even consider what you are searching for and taking the first step to do so.

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Spirituality in my own opinion is Awareness or if you want to say it is  waking up and smelling your conscious. As I mentioned in the last blog the first Step to waking up is admitting that you don’t want to wake up. Waking up is Painful, we don’t want to do it, and we certainly don’t want anyone else to do it for us. If you don’t want to wake up, fine… Go back to sleep. I will not attempt to wake anyone up. I’m here to do my dance and if you benifit from it Great! If you don’t that is Great!

I’m not here to help  you, oh no… If you are helped by my “dance” you did it not me, and like wise if you are hurt… you did it. I’m not here to solve your issue, hold your hand, or tell you want to do. I’m not hear to mend your broken toys, help you to get your wife back, Job back, more money, find your soul mate. No not at all and if you came here with that expectation, then you will be sadly disappointed. Most people say they want to change, but in reality they only want relief from the painful symptoms of their lives. Most of which is self inflicted and happening because they are asleep and unaware.

I see my self sitting on a grassy bank next to a natural spring fed stream on a hot summers drinking the cool clean water. Sometimes sharing it with passers-bys when they ask. Hoping that they will notice the box of travel bottles next to me and take one and fill it up themselves.

Why awareness and waking up is so painful?

Because, we been conditioned from childhood, by society, by our culture, school, friends, family, and worse yet ourselves…

I’ll give you a quick example on my next blog post <3

In Gratitude, I wish you Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance Always,




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