Steps on the Journey

Hello Beautiful Steppers <3

I’m so grateful you’re taking some time to invest in yourself and take your First Step in this moment of your Journey. You are absolutely wonderful and amazing, and I love you unconditionally.

I’m not a Guru, nor do I ever want to be one or thought of one.I’m just a observer on my path just like everyone else… If your looking for a Guru, look no further then inside…

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Last Blog post I shared that some of the reasons people (even those who think they are awake) feel such pain is they are unaware of all the programming that has put in their subconscious and because of this even though they say they want to change and “wake up” they really don’t, because it is so painful.

Which brings us to the route of the pain which is fear… Which is why I included this post from Nelson Mandela. I had great fear about starting this site and blog. I still feel some fear but I do it anyway, because I have an awareness of my own inner light and even in the darkest room one tiny small candle can light the whole room. I wish Steps to Awareness to be that light for you so you can light your candle.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

When we have that light of awareness and our inner room is lit up for us to see, and in the same sense, our candle of love is increased by sharing it will continue on and on and on with everyone who shares it. Soon the fear is gone and we can move on to greater awareness.

Now I will share with you the example I spoke of in the last blog because it points to what real love it is in the sense as I see it. Not neediness, not desire, not infatuation, and duty or obligation.

We are never “in love” with anyone really. We are only in love with our hopeful and prejudges idea of that person. If you really in love with that person then why did you fall out of love with them? Your Idea of them changed didn’t it?

How could you of let me down when I trusted you with everything? Did you really trust them? You never really trust anyone and really if you think you are you are lying to yourself. That is part of the programming/brainwashing of our society to think this way. You never really trust anyone, you are only trusting your Judgment about that person. Then why do you get upset about it?

We don’t like to say “my judgement was wrong or I was a fool” it’s very hard on our ego’s to admit that and it is painful because of fear of us being judged! So we blame them for letting us down.

There it is, people don’t really want to wake up and have real awareness. It was painful for me. People don’t really want to change themselves. They want you to change to suit them. People subconsciously really don’t want to be “happy” or in their natural state of being, because it forces them to take responsibility for themselves and behaviours. Our subconscious mind’s programming tells us that happiness comes from something outside of ourselves and when we try to change we feel “cognitive dissonance” and begin to self sabotage with negative self talk, or looking for reasons not to be happy!

Until we have awareness of the subconscious programming we will have much difficulty changing or remaining changed and go back to the old programming.

Now, my belief is I can only give my love to someone. Love I can only give away and detach from any and all expectation that they do something for me or that I get something in return. That is my definition of Love in the true sense of doing it. Love can only be given away, the river of love flows in one direction. In giving my love, it is a selfish act in this way because I do get something in return. I get a good feeling and that is a good kind of selfishness and like giving a hug to a fellow Earthling we get one in return and both benefit from it.

This why the wise “Guru” will not make any attempt to wake anyone up, because it is so painful for sleeping people to do so. I’m here to share my dance and that is it. If you benefit from it great, if you are helped great. You did it !!!

If you are hurt, Great you did it !!! I not doing this to help you, because only you can help you in the end. Everyone who is telling you there are going to help you is wrong. Sadly, they are asleep to and even with their so called “good intentions” they get something out of it. A good feeling when they help you. All they can do is take away your symptoms, help you to to feel better temporally, help you to overcome your emotions or feelings for a while.

Real Change is painful and this is why most people say they want it, but never do it. Don’t believe me then take this example

First, now please imagine someone you are very close to someone you really care about and see everyday.

Got someone in mind? Good, now imagine saying this to them.

“If I had to choose between my happiness and you, I would choose my happiness over you every time. If I had a choice, no question about it I would chose happiness”

Now think about that for a minute and really become aware of the feelings your feeling. Not so good eh… You might be feeling you are being very selfish about your self wouldn’t you? See how we been brainwashed/programmed by our society, culture, friends, and family to feel guilty and selfish.

So now who is really being selfish here…  How could they be so selfish that they demand that you sacrifice your happiness so that they could be happy.

Now tell me. Would you want me to love you at the cost of my happiness?

Yes? Now wouldn’t it be wonderful that you would love me at the cost of your happiness and I would love you at the cost of my happiness, and we both live miserable lives, but long live LOVE 😀

So we don’t really want to be unconditionally happy, I’m ready to be happy provided this or that… We are really saying to them, you are my happiness. To our lover, friend, or to anything like a car, place, or money. Until I get this or that or if I don’t get it I refuse to be happy!! Some of us can’t imagine being happy with out that or this.

It is so important in our first Steps to Awareness that we understand this clearly as it relates to us personally. That is the reason we don’t want true happiness and awareness, because can’t conceive that we would be happy without all of those things…. We have been programmed/brain washed to place getting our happiness in all of those things.

Now this is why if we want to come awake, which is the same thing to saying if we want to love, if we want happiness, if we want freedom, joy, peace, harmony and spirituality as I have defined it in my earlier blogs. We need to understand this programming.

Look at the fear everywhere, confusions, heart ache, loneliness, conflict, wars, in the hearts of people.  Inner and outer struggles. Suppose somebody gave you a way stopping that great drain of inner energy. Of health and emotions that come from this. Showed us a way to truly love one another, and be at peace with all?

Today most people think politics are important, corporations and big business is more important, science is more practical. What is the Earthly use  of putting people on Mars when we can’t even live together and in harmony on earth?

What can the psychologist do to help you? All they can do is relieve the pressure. Only you can do the work. The can lead you do the door, but you have to walk through it.

So the first Step is being aware you don’t want to wake up…

People must suffer enough before they are ready to awaken, they must suffer enough in order to finally say I have had enough…  To change themselves.

In my next blog post I will talk about more on the nature of our personal reality or our personality one might say 🙂

What I’m talking in this blog is spirituality as I defined it earlier in my blogs…

In Gratitude, I wish you awareness of Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance there in you, Always,


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