Steps on The Journey

I’m so grateful you’re taking time to invest in yourself and take your First Step in this amazing of your Journey.

You are absolutely Beautiful and amazing, and I love you.

If you haven’t yet, please take another step and sign up for our Daily Steps Email, because, we sometimes need a sign post for our journey to help guide you every day. A boat with no star to guide it may take to long to reach it’s destination.

If you want to love, if you want freedom, if you want to experience joy, be at peace, happiness, and spirituality as I have defined it in the previous posts. You have to wake up and have awareness of who you really are.

We want this of course and we go to psychologist and all they can do is release the pressure, and perhaps cure your symptoms. Unfortunately they can just ease your suffering but not cure the problem. People have to sometimes suffer enough emotionally before they wake up and finally start having real  awareness and say that’s it. I’m sick of this way of thinking and start to change themselves instead of trying to change those around them.

There is another way of living that your emotional well being doesn’t depend on another being human or not. Although, dogs are great listeners you don’t need them really. There are times when they are a help, but in the end they are just another step in the path.

One question you will start to ask yourself on this journey of awareness is am I crazy or are all of they, because when you challenge your beliefs and see the illusion you start to see the insanity in our society that allows the suffering of our brothers and sisters.

The whole world is crazy. Society is holding beliefs about love, relationship, joy, happiness, and spirituality. This is not new and only a look into the real history of the colonization of the the North America, and people wonder why we have all the problems in our society today. It is self evident to why. Now we can shift that right today starting with you! Yes YOU Reading this !!!

When you really have true awareness and see this and you hear everybody saying this is the way it is, you know that is isn’t. We have all been brainwashed/programmed and this was totally shocking to me, and it was painful to see this. Get dis-disillusioned with it all, the sooner you see this the sooner you will gain true awareness. Get dis-disillusioned with your best friend, be aware that they were just as programmed as you, examine everything they say to you, see the motives subconscious or conscious behind them. Like you they are putting on a great act, because they are asleep, as you still are. You don’t even know it.

I told you were not going to believe it. I can’t make you see and I wont try, but once you do, you’ll know… you will have an “Aha” moment. The light will go on and it is up to you how far down your personal rabbit hole you want to go. I’m not hear to help you, only you can wake yourself up.

Break your chains, if you can, free your mind, if you can, but the awakened life is worth living and no treasure in the universe can pay you the reward you will give yourself…

Tune in next week if you dare 🙂  As we get into “Self Sacrifice” and many other illusion we create.

Wish you a beautiful weekend and can’t wait to hear your comments.       Buckle up Dorothy cause Kansas is about to go by by…

In Gratitude, I wish you awareness of Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance there in you, Always,



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