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I see now that happiness is my natural state, and I need to stay connected to my inner happiness and not look for it in relationships or money, or things. I look to things like Nature for Joy, but my happiness is there in me. We want our children to grow up and be happy, but in the end only they can make themselves happy , by connecting to their inner natural state of happiness, (not joy, or pleasure which are emotion based and come and go)

I call happiness sometimes Awareness. Awareness that all is crazy and messed up, that all is well and working at the same time and it’s a paradox, we can shift our emotions if we want, but my happiness is not dependent on my emotions. Emotions come and go, feelings come and go.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, see you Monday and can’t wait to hear your comments.

In Gratitude, I wish you awareness of Peace, Love, Great Health, and Abundance there in you, Always,

In Lak ‘esh, Michael

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